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This Azores Travel Guide by Azores Getaways has everything you need to know about the Azores: the answers to your Azores’ questions and the best Azores travel tips you’ll find - given by those who know the islands better than anyone, the locals. 

The Azores are here and ready to roll out the green carpet for you. Whether you need a relaxing retreat, an exciting adventure, or simply some Azores travel inspo - or maybe a little bit of both - Azores Getaways can help you plan your very own authentic escape to the enchanting Azores Islands.

The mild, temperate climate gives the Azores Islands year-round appeal for nature lovers, adventure sport and wellness seekers, food and culture buffs, and even surfers and golfers looking for an off-season jaunt. Beach bums and ocean lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the Azores islands’ gorgeous black sand beaches, natural ocean pools, and world-class diving - not to mention whale and dolphin watching. 

Hyper-focused on sustainability and preservation, the Azoreans appreciate and respect the nature of the Azores islands and want to preserve them just as much as they want to proudly share them with the world. You’ll see that an Azores trip is so much more than checking into a nice Azores hotel! 

So, if world-class whale watching, mineral hot springs, endless hiking trails, adrenaline-inducing outdoor activities, delicious food and wine, interesting history, and friendly locals sound appealing to you, your Azores vacation awaits.

Need a little help planning your Azores vacation? Looking for the perfect travel deal? You’re at the right place to start dreaming about your Azores getaway. Whether you’re coming from Boston to the Azores, Toronto to the Azores, or the UK to the Azores, we offer vacation solutions for everyone!

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