Welcome to the World’s 1st Sustainable Archipelago!

The Azores, Sustainable by Nature

The Azores are an Eco-Friendly Tourist Destination! The Azores is proud to be the world's first archipelago to be officially certified by the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination program.

Committed to Sustainability

Discover more about, and join in, the eco-journey of the Azores

The Azores government, alongside the local community and the tourism industry partners have all committed to preserving the culture, land, and invaluable marine ecosystems by adopting sustainable practices. Initiatives that the Azores are currently focusing on in particular include rainwater harvesting and using renewable energies—like geothermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric energies—to help reduce energy consumption and protect the Azores natural resources and landscapes that we all love so we can continue enjoying them well into the future.

Facing the Future, Together

Stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, and a commitment to sustainability, the Azores awaits.

Sustainability Awards

Choose a Sustainable Accommodation

Stay at eco units that celebrate and privilege the Azores stunning nature, hotels that bring it inside.

Eco Friendly Adventures

Enjoy an unforgettable experience amidst the beautiful green and loved landscapes of the Azores.
Horseback Riding: Horseback Riding for Beginners (1 Hour)

Let us Plan your Eco Friendly Vacation

We're all ears! Share your hopes and dreams for your eco friendly getaway with us, and we'll create the perfect itinerary, curated just for you, to make the most of your time in the Azores Islands!


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