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FNC Madeira
From YYZ Toronto$902 From YUL Montreal$928 From YVR Vancouver$1,279 From YYC Calgary$1,166
PDL São Miguel
From YYZ Toronto$872 From YUL Montreal$945 From YEG Edmonton$1,155 From YHZ Halifax$1,056
LIS Lisbon
From YEG Edmonton$1,222 From YUL Montreal$744 From YVR Vancouver$1,134 From YYC Calgary$1,222
FAO Algarve
From YUL Montreal$1,183 From YVR Vancouver$1,273 From YYC Calgary$1,289 From YYZ Toronto$832
LPA Gran Canaria
From YUL Montreal$932 From YYZ Toronto$934
OPO Porto
From YUL Montreal$845 From YVR Vancouver$1,191 From YYC Calgary$1,217 From YYZ Toronto$778