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  • This travel package saves you the stress of planning everything by yourself. All you have to do is pack your bags and hop on a plane. Just don't forget to bring your adventurous spirit;
  • "The Azores Islands are an unexpected pleasure and a stepping stone into Europe," says the New York Times. These Islands are indeed a real pleasure and a pristine destination yet unspoiled by mass tourism;
  • This exclusive Azores Getaways package was created for those who have always wanted a truly complete trip through the entire Azores Archipelago. This is a unique experience and an opportunity to have an absolutely unforgettable trip;
  • This package includes flights and accommodation on all islands (except Corvo, since this is a day tour);
  • We have taken care of everything to ensure that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime without having to worry about accommodation and travel between the various islands;
  • Breakfast may be included during your stay, depending on the accommodation selected;
  • We also offer a selection of optional activities that you can choose from on several islands to make your experience even richer;
  • You can customize your travel itinerary as you wish, adding more nights to your stay, additional experiences, or a car rental to make your trip even more special;
  • You won't have to worry about anything because we have taken care of everything for you.


Day 1
Arrival in Flores Island

Can’t Miss Sites in Flores Island:

  • Poço do Bacalhau
  • Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro
  • Alagoa Bay
  • The Lakes
  • Ribeira Grande Waterfall
  • Rocha dos Bordões
  • Morro dos Frades
  • Or book here your Flores guided tour! 

One of the Azores' most beautiful natural landscapes can be found on the smallest and most remote island of Corvo. The island's only paved road leads to the breathtaking Caldeirão, a crater that resulted from the island's single volcano of origin. Boasting an impressive 3.7 kilometer (2.3 mi) circumference and 300 meter (985 ft) depth, this gigantic crater can be reached via spectacular hiking trails, or accessed from the viewpoint above. The crater also has two lakes with a few tiny islets, which locals like to say represent the islands of the archipelago. 

Explore Downtown Horta. Stroll around Horta’s historical streets and behold the beauty of the old-world architecture of the Azores. Horta, the capital of Faial Island, offers superb views over the neighboring island of Pico from where Mount Pico magnificently stands out. Most of Faial’s hotels are located in downtown Horta, so if you choose to stay there you’ll be gifted with this incredible view every morning. From the historical buildings in town we highlight the São Salvador Church and the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church, easily recognizable by their iconic architectural features. Highlights:

  • Peter Café Sport

  • Porto Pim

  • Genuíno Restaurant

  • Monte da Guia

  • Nossa Senhora da Conceição Viewpoint

  • Horta’s Marine



  • Ribeirinha Village
  • Windmills

  • Almoxarife Beach

  • Capelinhos Volcano

  • Norte Beach

  • Caldeira 


Explore Downtown Madalena


  • Santa Maria da Madalena Church
  • Pico Wine Museum
  • Interpretation Center of Pico Wine
  • Criação Velha Vineyards
  • Gruta das Torres

Towering at 7,713 ft. tall, unmarred by any surrounding light or pollution, Pico Mountain is Portugal’s highest peak, and without a doubt one of the best places in Europe for stargazing. The mountain itself overlooks the islands of Faial, São Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa. You don't need to hike this impressive mountain to appreciate her beauty, though it is one of the most popular hiking attractions in Europe.

Hiking Pico Mountain is a full day experience, but you can also set up camp and spend the night at the top. You’ll be treated to an incredible sunset and sunrise, and in between, you’ll get some of the best stargazing in the world. No matter what time of day you make it to the summit, the views will blow you away.  

The Azores Islands are known for their unparalleled beauty and biodiversity, adored by outdoor adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. But what people may not know is that the Azores is also one of the fastest-growing whale watching destinations in the world. Located in the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal and North America, the Azores are a permanent home and natural point of passage to more than 20 different types of whale and dolphin species, making the islands one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries. The Azores’ winning combination of unique volcanic origins, deep waters off the coast, and mild air and sea temperatures from the Gulf Stream make the archipelago the ideal location for visitors to come and spot a wide array of species on a whale watching adventure. Book here. 

Explore Downtown Velas. As most capital cities go, São Jorge Island's capital of Velas is tiny by comparison. But don't let that deter you, despite its small size, Velas has an abundance of life, charm, and charisma that lend it to being among our top spots in São Jorge to make a day of it simply strolling around and soaking up the island's energy and history. You will instantly feel a warm welcome from the locals in this open and inviting porty city, as island residents are known for their affable demeanors and are always happy to tell you all about their beloved island. As far as what there is to see in Velas, definitely don't miss the Jardim da Praça da República, a gorgeous public square found right at the city's center. It seriously looks like it came straight from a movie set, like “Footloose” or some other grandiose film, with its cheery red bandstand and small-town vibe. Just be careful, this city is so appealing, you might just never want to leave!


  • Fajã dos Cubres
  • Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo
  • São Jorge Cheese Factory
  • Café Nunes (Artisanal coffee plantation) 
  • Book here your São Jorge guided tour!


  • The City of Santa Cruz da Graciosa

  • Windmills of Graciosa Island

  • Queijadas da Graciosa Factory 

  • Praia Islet in Graciosa Island

  • Ponta da Barca Lighthouse

  • Baleia Islets

  • Porto Afonso


  • Furna do Enxofre

  • Caldeira

  • Furna da Maria Encantada

  • Carapacho Viewpoint

  • Termas do Carapacho

  • Ponta da Restinga Viewpoint

Explore downtown Angra do Heroísmo, a UNESCO Site. Highlights: 

  • Capitães-Generais Palace
  • Angra do Heroísmo City Streets 

  • Garden Duque da Bragança

  • Alto da Memória Viewpoint

  • Misericórdia Church

  • Angra do Heroísmo Underwater Archeological Park 

  • Prainha

  • Monte Brasil

  • Duque de Bragança Farmers Market

  • Silveira Natural Pools

  • Bordados dos Açores

  • São Bento Pottery 



  • Ponta do Queimado Viewpoint

  • Vaquinha Cheese Factory

  • Azulart Pottery

  • Biscoitos Natural Pools

  • Wine Museum 

  • Facho Viewpoint 

  • Império da Caridade

  •  Serra do Cume

  • Serretinha Natural Pools

  • Algar do Carvão

  • Gruta do Natal

  • Furnas do Enxofre 


Explore the South Coast of Santa Maria. Highlights: 

  • Vila do Porto 

  • Macela Viewpoint 

  • Praia Formosa 

  • Gonçalo Velho Lighthouse 

  • Fábrica da Baleia do Castelo

  • Aveiro Waterfall

  • Maia’s Vineyards

  • Meloa Plantation 



  • Pico Alto Viewpoint 

  • Anjos

  • São Lourenço Bay 

  • Praia de São Lourenço

  • Barreiro da Faneca

  • Poço da Pedreira

Take the afternoon to stroll around Ponta Delgada’s city streets. Ponta Delgada, the main city, is not only the hub of the island but the capital of the Azores. Ponta Delgada evokes all the charms of Europe with cobbled streets, sidewalk cafes, and a thriving culinary scene. Or book here your Ponta Delgada City Tour. 

Not to miss:

  • Portas da Cidade
  • Louvre Michaelense
  • Pineapple Plantations
  • Matriz Church


Visit Sete Cidades (Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Lagoa de Santiago, Lagoa do Canário and Boca do Inferno Viewpoint) and take this opportunity to visit the neighboring village of Mosteiros - ideal for sunset! Once you’re in the west part of the island you can also indulge in an ocean thermal bath at Ferraria. 

Book here a guided tour around the west part of the island that will have you discovering this and much more in the company of a local guide. 


Head to the north side of the island to visit the Protected Natural Reserve of Lagoa do Fogo and take this chance to visit (and maybe bath) in the thermal pools of Caldeira Velha. Once you’re here you can also visit the Salto do Cabrito waterfall! On your way to Furnas, we recommend that you stop at Porto Formoso and Gorreana Tea Plantations (the only ones in Europe). In Furnas there’s just so much to explore, such as the lake, the Pico do Ferro Viewpoint, the Grená Park, the caldeiras, the fumaroles, the Terra Nostra Park, the Dona Beija hot springs and so much more. Make sure to try out the local delicacies: the cozido das Furnas and the bolos lêvedos! 

Book a Furnas guided tour here.

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About the Destination:

The Azores are often described as "Europe meets Hawaii" with a mix of Iceland's striking volcanic landscapes, but those who visit these islands will quickly realize that they are truly unique beyond comparison. Having remained relatively off the radar for decades, the islands are largely untouched and yet to be discovered by tourists, which explains the reason their natural beauty and authenticity are so impeccably preserved. The locals appreciate and respect the nature of these islands, and they want to protect them just as much as they want to share them with the world. For this reason, sustainability and preservation are top priorities here in the Azores. In fact, the destination is officially the first archipelago to ever have been recognized as one of the "Most Sustainable Tourism Destinations in the World." The pure, unspoiled landscapes of these islands attract visitors from across the globe, and with good reason.

The Azores are an Eco-Friendly Tourist Destination 

The Azores is proud to be the world's first archipelago to be officially certified by the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination program. The Azores government, alongside the local community and the tourism industry partners have all committed to preserving the culture, land, and invaluable marine ecosystems by adopting sustainable practices. Initiatives that the Azores are currently focusing on in particular include rainwater harvesting and using renewable energies—like geothermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric energies—to help reduce energy consumption and protect the Azores natural resources and landscapes that we all love so we can continue enjoying them well into the future.

Check out our Azores Travel Guide for more information and tips.    

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