The best hotels in São Miguel Island, Azores

From nature resorts to city escapes, here are our top picks of hotels to stay in São Miguel Island, Azores

São Miguel Island, the biggest and most populated of the Azores, is the most developed tourist-wise, also because it is the most visited. Before we head to São Miguel’s best hotels, it’s important to highlight that the Azores tourism development plans follow an ecological concern and don’t cope with hotels and other touristic infrastructure that may cause harm to nature. As a matter of fact, the Government has denied the building of some of those. The Azores’ main focus is to conserve nature as it is -- the Azores are the first archipelago in the world to be recognized as a sustainable tourism destination! 


From nature and beach resorts to city escapes and everything in between, we bring you our tip suggestions of hotels to stay in São Miguel, Azores -- hotels that bring nature inside. 




Pedras do Mar is a hotel located in the parish of Fenais da Luz in the city of Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores
Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa is located on the sunny north shore of São Miguel Island, Azores

Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa 

Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa is a chic and comfortable 5-star hotel that sits perched atop the stunning north coast of São Miguel Island, in Fenais da Luz village, surrounded by quiet pastoral landscapes and rolling hills - a uniquely gorgeous setting. 10 minutes away from downtown Ponta Delgada, this is the perfect location for guests who seek a relaxing holiday -- and waking up to a magnificent ocean view. 



Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort Hotel is a hotel located in São Miguel Island, Azores
At Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort your room is just two steps away from the beach 

Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort 

This gorgeous eco-friendly resort is located in an almost private part of the Santa Barbara beach in the city of Ribeira Grande on the north coast of São Miguel Islands. Wake up to the best beach view with direct access from the resort and relax in this unique retreat at the sound of the Azorean waves. 



White Exclusive Villas & SPA is an hotel located in Lagoa, São Miguel Azores.
White Exclusive Villas & Suites incorporated the natural stone elements from the Azores into the building's aesthetic

White Exclusive Villas & Spa

Wake up to stunning panoramic views, enjoy a delicious meal in the exclusive on-site restaurant, and relax in the heated saltwater pool with views overlooking the coastal cliff when you stay at the luxurious White Exclusive Suites & Villas on the south coast.

Originally a historic mansion, this property has been completely transformed into a chic, Mediterranean-inspired design that highlights the property's original Azorean stone and arches. 



Sul Villas & SPA Hotel is one of the top hotels in São Miguel Island, Azores
Enjoy gorgeous views over the southern coast as you relax in the on-site pool in Sul Villas & Spa

Sul Villas & Spa 

The Sul Villas & Spa is a refuge within the city. Located on the stunning southern coast of São Miguel near several interest points of the city of Lagoa, Sul Villas & Spa is a brand new boutique property inspired by and focused on the ocean and views that surround it. With a stunning view over the Atlantic, Sul Villas strives to create a peaceful fusion between Azorean culture and a modern, fresh Mediterranean spa.

City Escape


The Azor Hotel is located in downtown Ponta Delgada, Azores
The Azor Hotel is a favorite among travellers who visit São Miguel

Azor Hotel

A chic, vibrant and cosmopolitan hotel with a strong connection to the sea and nature. First opened in May 2016, the Azor Hotel features 123 spectacular sea view rooms, the "Á Terra" restaurant, lobby market, cheese corner, rooftop outdoor pool & bar. Boasting an on-site spa, gym, conference center, and casino with lively entertainment, guests of the Azor will enjoy the hotel's sleek, modern amenities, creature comforts and world-class service.  Inspired by São Miguel Island's natural beauty and adventurous spirit, the Azor Hotel offers guests a wide range of outdoor activities, adventures and local experiences to get out and experience the island.



The newly renovated Azoris Royal Garden Hotel is a top choice among travellers in the Azores
The Azoris Royal Garden is a peaceful oasis in the city 

Azoris Royal Garden

In the city of Ponta Delgada, a few meters from the historical center, the Azoris Royal Garden has a total of 193 newly renovated rooms. Decorated by a zen theme, this hotel is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Ponta Delgada city, the main of the Azores. 



Açores Atântico Grand Hotel is Located in one of the most prime locations in São Miguel Island.
This modern hotel is located in the main avenue of Ponta Delgada city 

Grand Hotel

The NEW Açores Atlântico Grand Hotel is the result of a complete renovation of one of the most emblematic hotels in Ponta Delgada, well-known for its prime location, close to the historical center, facing the Marina and boasting exceptional ocean views. The décor of classic inspiration evokes the European style of “Grand Hotel” and is considered as the 5-star hotel of the main Azorean city, meeting all the standards of quality and level of service that a hotel in this category should provide.



One of the best hotels in the Azores, located in Furnas, São Miguel Island, Azores
Welcome to Furnas Boutique Hotel, located in the thermal hot spot of the Azores

Furnas Boutique & Spa

Furnas Boutique Hotel is located in Furnas, São Miguel Island, Azores, a place of breathtaking beauty where one finds the largest concentration of thermal waters in Europe. The perfect spot to unwind, leave the stress behind and connect to nature.



Hotel guests have access to the hot spring pools 24/7

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel 

This World Travel Awards prize winning hotel for Portugal's Leading Boutique Hotel is one well-kept secret that we want you to enjoy.

Terra Nostra Hotel and Furnas are the best setting for a romantic vacation. The charming village of Furnas is a pleasure to stroll around. There are beautiful flowers everywhere and the locals are amicable and welcoming. Terra Nostra Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Portugal filled with exotic and endemic plants.



Sensi Nature & Spa is a new hotel located in the outskirts of Ponta Delgada.
An old farmhouse is now a chic rustic retreat

Sensi Nature & Spa

The distinctive brand of the Azores tourism is its nature of the exception, in a destination perceived as unspoiled, authentic and safe.

The Azores – and in particular the destination São Miguel – present a gap in the medium-high/superior nature allocation segment. Sensi Nature & SPA intends to respond to this gap, through premium accommodation, located in nature and facing the sea, designed and developed for the deepening of the "Azores experience" and based on the authenticity and quality of a product of proximity, with high standards of comfort and exclusivity, resulting from rehabilitated buildings, belonging to an old farmhouse.

Nature Retreat


Furnas Lakes Forest Living offers you an authentic experience in the village of Furnas, São Miguel, Azores
An epic nature retreat

Furnas Lake Forest Living

Tucked away in a peaceful area, deep in Furnas Valley, you'll be transported to a tranquil natural paradise amid the lush trees and mountains when you stay at Furnas Lake Forest Living; just 5 minutes from town and steps from the beautiful Furnas Lake, stay in one of 8 modern and fully equipped Japanese Villas, 4 Oak Studios or 1 Chestnut House at this unique hotel that boasts outdoor pools, lush gardens and ample space

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