Easy ways to travel

When booking a trip with us, you just don’t get our local experts' support and a superb travel experience, you also get the guarantee of full flexibility on our end. We know plans can change, and when that’s the case, we’re here to help!

Our 5 Flexibility Pillars

What are we offering?

Full flexibility of the land arrangements portion of your trip, allowing you to change your plans
for any reason, up to 14 days prior to departure! We provide:
No Amendment Fees on Our End

We know that plans can change, especially when you are booking a trip many months in advance. For this reason, we don’t charge for our work in changing the initial itinerary.


Full flexibility on Land Arrangements

We only work with land suppliers that offer us full flexibility, which lets us work with you to change the initial itinerary or cancel your land arrangements for any reason up to 14 days before the trip, without penalty*.



Full Support on Changing Flight Tickets
Unlike most of our competitors, we sell air-inclusive packages, which means that we take care of all your flights. This also means that while we can provide you with flexibility on the land arrangements portion of the packages – namely accommodation, experiences, car rentals, transfers and meals – unfortunately, there’s no full flexibility when it comes to the flights. However, we have close relationships with the airlines, and we always work with them to try to get the best options for you when changing or canceling the trips. We can also offer you options for flexible flights at the time of the booking, but normally those options are much more expensive, and it makes more sense to purchase travel insurance instead. We don’t charge for our work on changing the trip – the only eventual charges may be due to the flight portion of the packages.
Financial Protection
We are a Portuguese company, and we are obligated by law to be a part of the Portuguese Government Fund For Travel and Tourism (Fundo de Garantia de Viagens e Turismo (FGVT)) that protects all travelers who acquire vacation packages from a Portuguese company. Should any problem arise (which is very unlikely), our customers can ask this fund for a refund.
Travel Support Anytime, Anywhere

Our experienced travel agents are available 7 days a week to help with any questions, requests, or issues from when you book until after you return from your trip.


Should I purchase a travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance when buying your trip for better protection against unpredictable circumstances. 
This option is available at checkout for our U.S. customers.

What If I Can’t Travel?

If plans change, you can either opt for a full refund of the land portion of the trip, or choose to reschedule it for a date in the future*. 
Please reach out to our Customer Care team for more details and a quote if choosing this option.

 * Fare differences (if any) will be applied.


Is this flexibility applicable to any/all packages purchased?

Our 14-day flexibility policy applies to the majority of our travel packages, but there may be some exceptions.

Packages with deposits or certain specific tailor-made packages may have different policies in place. To ensure you have the most accurate information regarding the flexibility policy for your particular deal, we recommend checking the important information provided with each package. This way, you can make an informed decision that suits your travel needs best.