3 Days in Flores Island, Azores: what to visit?

We break down for you the top sights of the beautiful Flores Island in the Azores

Flores Island is said to be one of the most beautiful of the Azores -- a pure scenario of unspoiled nature and dozens of gorgeous waterfalls that dazzles and enchants. Dubbed “Flowers'', this island really lives up to its name. This island is nature’s garden!


Hop aboard as we tour you around the island's main attractions to visit on your Azores vacations.


Day 1 in Flores Island, Azores

City streets of Santa Cruz das Flores

Stroll around the historical center of the main city of Flores Island and appreciate the old world architecture and the daily-life of the locals. 


Natural swimming pools of Santa Cruz das Flores

This set of natural pools is heavenly and the photos leave no doubts regarding it. The natural swimming pools of Santa Cruz das Flores are one of the most coveted swimming places in the whole island for visitors and locals alike.


Alagoa Bay in Flores Island, Azores

This is one of the most surprising places you’ll visit in Flores Island. This islet landscape seems to be taken out from “Game of Thrones”, but it is here for way before that. If you get the chance to hop on a boat trip to Corvo, one of the highlights of the trip will be seeing these islets from the sea -- even more magical. Tip: set a picnic in the park on the site and enjoy the pretty ocean views.


Port of Ponta Delgada in Flores Island, Azores

On the northern tip of Flores there’s the city of Ponta Delgada (there is also a Ponta Delgada in São Miguel Island, its capital and the economical center of the Azores archipelago). This small fishing village dazzles by the beauty of its coastline. Head to the port for this amazing view that shows that the beauty of Flores goes a lot further than the waterfalls.


Poço do Bacalhau in Fajã Grande, Flores Island, Azores

The main natural attractions of the island are located on the northwest side. Head to Fajã Grande, where heaven touches the sea and mystic waterfalls find their way back to land. Start by appreciating the calm and crystal waters of the Fajã Grande bathing area, overlooking the tall shore with waterfalls.


Then, make your way to Poço do Bacalhau to set a meeting with a 90 metres high waterfall that creates a lovely lake at the base, inviting for a refreshing swimming in those clear waters. Insider tip: you’re at the right place to assist in the sunset. As the sun starts to set, its last rays lighten up the mountains and the scenario gets even more beautiful. 



Day 2 in Flores Island, Azores


“Reta” of Flores Island, Azores

Cross the island heart with a drive through its longest straightaway road and stop along the way at the several viewpoints on the side to take a deep look at Flores wild forest. 


The Lakes of Flores Island, Azores

The 7 lakes of Flores actually form the “route of lakes” of the island. The most famous are the Lagoa Negra and Lagoa Comprida and the Lagoa Rasa and Lagoa Funda, but the other 3 are worth a stop as well. The viewpoint of Lagoa Negra and Comprida is one of the most famous spots in the whole island. 


Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro in Flores Island, Azores

The main postcard of the island is Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, also known as Poço das Alagoinhas. A short hike will take you to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a scenario created by more than 20 waterfalls fading into a small lake. The peace, the smells and the sounds, everything is amazing about this spot.


Ribeira Grande Waterfall in Flores Island, Azores 

Though this waterfall is not very easy to reach, the bird eye view brought to us from drone shots show its extreme beauty.


Rocha dos Bordões in Flores Island, Azores

A geological monument with approximately 570,000 years of history with perfect columns of about 20 metres.The magic of the place increases tenfold when the hydrangeas bloom in the warm seasons and fill the landscape. It can be easily spotted from the car, but stop at the Rocha dos Bordões viewpoint for a more scenic view of this natural monument. 



Morro dos Frades in Flores Island, Azores

Rocha dos Frades stands more tall than the other geological formations! Blink an eye and you’ll miss it and you won’t want to! It is very easy to drive around Flores Island, but if you don’t feel like doing it make sure you book your guided tour.



Day 3 in Flores Island, Azores


Boat trip to Corvo Island

Corvo Island is the smallest of the Azores and one of Europe’s smallest communities with only inhabitants. Few guests opt to spend the night there, but it would be a great opportunity if you’re curious to know how it is like to live in such a small community -- the inhabitants are like a big family. Once in Corvo, book your van tour to the Caldeirão, but bear in mind that there’s plenty of hiking to do in this small island. In fact, the higher part of the island is only accessible on foot. 



Caves of Flores Island

The boat trip to Corvo may or may not include a passage through Flores’ amazing coastline and caves, so in case of doubt make sure you book your Caves Cruise. 

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