The Azores & Madeira: Which Portuguese archipelago fits your travel style?

Azores vs. Madeira: Discover the Perfect Island Destination for Your Dream Getaway


Unravel the Mysteries of the Azores: A Captivating Island Paradise

More than just a trendy vacation destination at the top of every travel list, the Azores Islands are a tiny world of their own just waiting to be discovered, savored, and appreciated by travelers looking for a truly authentic experience.


Embrace the enchanting beauty of Sete Cidades, a natural wonder nestled within São Miguel Island, Portugal.

Comprised of nine idyllic islands far off the coast of Portugal, where time seems frozen in place and nature takes center stage, the Azores are somewhat of a Neverland in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Each of the nine islands that make up the Azores has its own distinct and fascinating identity and charm. 


Experience the serene charm of Vila Franca do Campo Islet, a picturesque haven off the coast of São Miguel Island, Portugal.

Hyper-focused on sustainability and preservation, locals appreciate and respect the nature of these islands and want to preserve them just as much as they want to proudly share them with the world. Visiting the Azores is so much more than checking into a nice hotel. (If you do it right, you’ll barely spend any time in one at all.)  


Behold the captivating Lagoa do Fogo, a volcanic crater lake nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of São Miguel Island, Portugal

Madeira Archipelago: A Subtropical Haven for Nature Lovers and Adventure Seekers

Dubbed the island of eternal spring, Madeira is the perfect setting for anyone looking to reconnect with nature and experience the extraordinary. Boasting mild weather and equally mild ocean temperatures year-round, Madeira is a unique destination offering an endless array of activities for you to discover the island’s stunning natural beauty by land or by sea.


Madeira Island Coastline in Portugal

Are you already in love with the Azores? Take a look at our stress-free packages that allow you to book your ultimate island adventure. All our packages are carefully curated by our team of local Azorean Experts so that you don’t need to worry about any details – just enjoy your trip! 



Explore the narrow streets paved in black and white stones, explore the city’s colorful and lively markets, and indulge in delicious food. Try the local fish, savor bolo do caco, and sip poncha as you people watch under the sunny skies of Madeira.


Embrace the majestic beauty of Pico do Arieiro, a soaring peak that offers unparalleled views and adventure on Madeira Island, Portugal.

Enjoy the thrill of going down a hill on a traditional wicker toboggan and admire the island’s typical houses and architecture. With its exquisite landscapes, delicious cuisine, distinctive culture and traditions, and endless opportunities for adventure, it's easy to see why this dreamy island was elected  "World's Leading Island Destination" from 2015 to 2019 by the World Travel Awards. 


Experience the thrill of a traditional toboggan ride on Madeira Island, Portugal, where age-old customs meet breathtaking landscapes for an unforgettable adventure.

This or that… The Azores or Madeira?

Hot springs: the Azores

The volcanic origins of the Azores lend these islands their geothermal perks! You can find warm water to relax in year-round in one of the many natural thermal pools and hot springs.


Unwind in the enchanting oasis of Caldeira Velha, São Miguel Island, where lush greenery and soothing thermal waters offer a serene retreat.

Hiking and nature trails: Both 

Nature enthusiasts will be happy to know that both Madeira and the Azores have an excellent network of nature trails that allow you to explore the most beautiful spots that can’t be reached by car. 


Both archipelagos have an excellent trails network

Cosmopolitan cities: Madeira

Discover the charming port city of Funchal, a cruise-ship hub and a historical and colorful city teeming with restaurants, cafés, and friendly locals. 


Funchal is a lovely heart-warming city

Luxury Resorts and Hotels: Madeira

Madeira gained immense popularity as a European tourist hotspot throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, laying the groundwork for what would later become the islands’ largest economic sector in the present day and with some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the whole country! 


The Savoy Palace in downtown Funchal is a 5-star premium hotel.

Eco-friendly & Sustainability-focused: the Azores

The locals appreciate and respect the nature of these islands and want to preserve them just as much as they want to share them with the world. Sustainability and preservation are such a priority in the Azores, that the destination has been recognized as one of the "Most Sustainable Tourism Destinations in the World." 


Relax and rejuvenate at Santa Bárbara Eco-Beach Resort, where sustainable luxury meets the pristine beauty of São Miguel Island's

Delicious food & unique dining experiences: Both 

Both traditional cuisines feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients and simple, authentic flavors without a lot of fuss, cooked with love and served with pride -- and wine! 


Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the sea, as both archipelagos serve up delectable seafood dishes

Events/ Nightlife: Madeira 

No matter when you visit Madeira, there’s always something fun happening on the island. Explore Madeira’s Wine Festival, Carnival, New Year’s, and more!


Festa da Flor, Madeira Island

Whale Watching: Both

With more than 20 different whale and dolphin species known to migrate through the region (or call it home), the Azores have long been considered a world-class destination for whale watching. From just about every island in the Azores, visitors can venture off-shore and spot a wide variety of marine life while taking in spectacular views of the archipelago. But, it’s worth noting that Madeira is recognized as the largest whale sanctuary in the North Atlantic, where more than 28 species of whales and dolphins can be spotted throughout the year on a whale-watching experience.


Find your perfect whale-watching experiences in Madeira  and in the Azores 

Volcanoes: The Azores 

Not all of the Azores’ volcanoes are ancient! Even though there are signs of pulsating volcanic activity at every corner, let’s highlight the Algar do Carvão in Terceira Island - one of the only volcanoes in the world you can enter and explore, and the Capelinhos volcano - the most recent volcanic eruption which occurred from Sep. 1957 to Oct. 1958 on Faial Island.


Impressive landscape at the Capelinhos volcano site

Unique Culture & Heritage: Both

Both of these small Portuguese islands have a distinct history and culture all their own, with unique traditions that have withstood the test of time. Discovered around the same time (15th century), the Azores culture and heritage are based more on whaling and agriculture, while Madeira’s was undoubtedly the sugarcane crop. Both cultures share wine production, embroidery, wicker works, and much more.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pottery on São Miguel Island, where Azorean artisans transform humble clay into stunning works of art

Discover the Azores at Your Own Pace: Tailor-Made Trips for a Customizable Island Adventure

If you're looking to explore the Azores at your own pace, we have got you covered. Our team of specialists will work with you to create a custom-made trip that suits your preferences and budget. Whether you want to dive into the thriving marine life, hike through stunning volcanic landscapes, or relax on secluded beaches, our tailor-made packages offer the flexibility and freedom to discover the Hawaii of Europe at your own pace. So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you plan an unforgettable trip to the Azores!


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