What to do for fun in Flores Island, Azores?

Add some adventures to your vacations in Flores Island



Located on the western group of the Azores Islands, Flores is said to be one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago. It certainly is a favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts, since the island offers a huge array of adventures in nature. Venture through Flores’ hiking trails and discover the secret enchantments that make it one of the favorite of visitors.


We bring to you visitors’ top choice of activities to do in Flores Island in the Azores.



Boat trip from Flores Island to Corvo Island in the Azores, Portugal.
Say hi to the neighboring island of Corvo!

1. Boat tour to Corvo Island

Since the 2 islands are so close and reachable through a short boat tour, visitors who travel to Flores tend to visit Corvo for the day. Aside from the actual boat trip, this tour also manages your itinerary on the island: a visit to Caldeirão is included, as well as other stops at museums, churches and so on. We highly advise you to visit Corvo Island if you’re visiting Flores. Lunch is also included in this super tour! 



Hiking in Flores Island, Azores, Portugal.
Hiking to paradise 

2. Hiking in Flores Island, Azores

Visitors tend to enjoy hiking in Flores a lot and it is a great option to explore the island wild side and secret gems. Choose from several hiking options and venture through the unspoiled nature of this Azorean Island. 



Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro is the main natural attraction of Flores Island in the Azores, Portugal
Explore the best of Flores with the help of a local guide

3. Guided van tours 

We can assure that it is very easy to drive around the island, but there’s nothing like being driven around it. Get to know the best of the island with the help of the local guides who’re super passionate about their little piece of paradise. Choose from a full day tour or half day tours and let the island enchant you.



top 5 activities to do in flores island in the azores
The coastline of Flores is worth exploring too 

4. Explore the sea-caves of Flores Island, Azores

The surprising beauty of Flores Island goes a lot further than its waterfalls and lakes. On the east part of the island, the coastline stands as an attraction for itself. Even though from land you’re able to see some islets, nothing compares to what you can see from a boat. Make sure you book your caves cruise when visiting Flores Island and explore its coastline with hidden waterfalls. 



Landscape of the rivers of the island of Flores. Azores, Portugal
Flores' waterfalls make it perfect for the next activity 

5. Canyoning in Flores Island, Azores

Actually, Flores Island is one of the best of the Azores archipelago for canyoning. The fact that the island is the rainiest also means it has more waterfalls and perfect spots for the activity than any other. 

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