The Azores: Furnas Thermal Bliss & Spa

For 6-Nights (or more): A week of premium relaxation awaits in Furnas, the Azores' thermal haven.

Octant Furnas: Your ideal place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and the blissful experience of soaking in extraordinary natural hot springs!

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Why we love this deal:

  • Premium Island Escape: Discover the serenity of São Miguel Island with an indulgent stay at the prestigious Octant Furnas Hotel. Situated in the heart of Furnas Valley, where São Miguel's distinctive geothermal activity takes center stage, this retreat offers a unique blend of relaxation and incredible natural wonders.
  • Ultimate Relaxation: Indulge in two rejuvenating massages at the hotel spa, tailored to melt away stress and leave you refreshed and revitalized.
  • Welcome to a World of Serenity: Beyond the allure of Octant Furnas' exceptional spa and heated outdoor pool, a visit to the captivating Terra Nostra Park and the revitalizing Poça da Dona Beija unveils a realm where relaxation envelops you at every twist and turn.
  • Create Your Memories: Your rental car is not just transportation—it's the key to unlocking the diverse treasures of São Miguel Island, ensuring your journey is tailored to your desires. Explore, discover, and create your own memorable experiences. Ribeira Quente Waterfall, Vila Franca do Campo, Lagoa do Congro, Ponta do Sossego, Vista do Rei, Mosteiros, and Boca do Inferno are just a few of the iconic spots waiting for your leisurely discovery—from the soft glow of sunrise to the vibrant hues of sunset.
  • Total Convenience: We've curated this package to provide a seamless and stress-free experience. From the moment you arrive, everything is taken care of, allowing you to focus solely on relaxation and enjoyment.


Day 1
Arrival in São Miguel Island

Welcome to the Azores!

Start your adventure by picking up your car rental. The drive from Ponta Delgada to Furnas takes about 42 minutes (43.4 km/mi).

Suggestion for the day:

  • Take the day to stroll around Furnas. What makes Furnas Valley unique is that the area is a dormant volcanic crater. Although the Furnas volcano last erupted in 1630, you can feel, see, and smell the geothermal activity all around you in the form of steaming fumaroles, thermal pools, and natural mineral springs around every corner. And, let’s not forget the tasty treats that get cooked up in all this geothermal heat. The locals utilize the heat of the ground to cook the famous Cozido stew, and also use the mineral waters in several recipes for cheese, pastries, bread, meats, and more.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit Vila Franca do Campo. It is a picturesque town with historic charm. Surrounded by lush landscapes and boasting stunning coastal views, it's known for its rich cultural heritage, charming streets, and the iconic islet of Ilhéu de Vila Franca.


  • Vila Franca do Campo Islet
  • Whale Watching Experience
  • Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Paz 
  • Castelo Branco 
  • Lagoa do Congro
  • Queijadas da Vila Factory 
  • Água d’Alto Beaches

In the afternoon:

  • Visit Cerâmica Vieira Pottery Shop in Lagoa 
  • Visit Caloura (beach and harbor)

Suggestion for the day:

  • Spa Treatment  - Furnas Power: Start your day with a touch of relaxation by indulging in one of the included massages at the on-site spa of Octant Furnas. Kindly coordinate your spa treatment schedule and hours directly with the hotel.

In the afternoon:

  • Explore Ponta Delgada: Take the afternoon to stroll around Ponta Delgada’s city streets. Ponta Delgada, the main city, is not only the hub of the island but the capital of the Azores. Ponta Delgada evokes all the charms of Europe with cobbled streets, sidewalk cafes, and a thriving culinary scene.
    • Portas da Cidade
    • Louvre Michaelense
    • Pineapple Plantations
    • Matriz Church

Suggestion for the day:

  • Hiking Adventure: Whether you're an experienced hiker seeking a rugged challenge or a casual explorer looking for scenic walks, São Miguel Island delivers a hiking experience unlike any other, with every step unveiling the island's natural wonders and rich biodiversity.
    • Serra Devassa (easy) 
    • Moinhos do Félix (medium)
    • Salto do Prego - Sanguinho(medium)
    • Lagoa do Fogo (medium)
  • Spa Treatment - Pure Land: Then, end your day with a touch of relaxation by indulging in one of the included massages at the on-site spa of Octant Furnas. Kindly coordinate your spa treatment schedule and hours directly with the hotel.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Explore the wonders of Sete Cidades, including Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Lagoa de Santiago, Lagoa do Canário, and the captivating Boca do Inferno Viewpoint. Don't miss the chance to venture to the neighboring village of Mosteiros, a perfect spot for a picturesque sunset. While in the western part of the island, treat yourself to the rejuvenating experience of an ocean thermal bath at Ferraria.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit Lagoa do Fogo: Lagoa do Fogo's crystal-clear turquoise waters are surrounded by tall mountain peaks, lush vegetation, and white sand on all sides. Take in the magnificent views at any of the viewpoints around the mountaintop, or if you're feeling adventurous, venture out on one of the hiking trails that lead down to the lake's edge.
  • Thermal Bath at Caldeira Velha: For those of you reading who still don’t quite know exactly what thermal waters are…we are happy to explain a bit more! Thermal waters are heated by a volcano, and thermal pools are usually fed by nearby springs. Caldeira Velha is the only place where you can see the majestic spring “feeding” the luxurious pools, and there’s nothing better than swimming right up to it and receiving an invigorating but relaxing, natural thermal massage. This is just another authentic experience you’ll be able to have while enjoying the Azores! Besides the waterfall pool, Caldeira Velha also has two smaller pools where the water is a bit hotter.
  • Tea Experience: Immerse yourself in the rich tea culture of the Azores with visits to Gorreana - Europe's oldest tea plantation - and Porto Formoso Tea Factories. Steeped in history, these plantations offer a sensory journey through lush green fields where centuries-old traditions cultivate some of the finest teas. Explore the art of cultivation, witness the meticulous tea-making process, and savor the distinct flavors that capture the essence of the Azores' tea heritage.

Thank you for choosing Azores Getaways! We hope you had an incredible time, and we can't wait to travel with you again soon. 

*The itinerary presented is a suggestion and the length of stay may vary. All tours are suggestions unless specifically stated.

About the Hotel:

Octant Furnas Hotel Hotel is located in Furnas on São Miguel Island in the Azores, a place of breathtaking beauty where one finds the largest concentration of thermal waters in Europe. The perfect spot to unwind, leave the stress behind, and connect to nature, this modern hotel offers excellent service, superb cuisine, indoor and outdoor thermal pools, and a  splendid spa, all in one magnificent location.

Inside the hotel, you will find "À Terra" restaurant, its menu inspired by local products created by Mother Nature. Don't forget to visit this warm and engaging place, where one is served with love and the food is prepared with both expertise and great passion. À Terra is a restaurant with homemade, delicious, and healthy food.

In addition to its delicious restaurant, the hotel also features a full-service spa. Other amenities include a bar/lounge and complimentary wireless Internet access.

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About the Destination:

Often referred to as Europe's “Best Kept Secret”, the Azores have become an increasingly popular destination with year-round appeal for travelers. Just four hours from Boston, the Azores are now easier to access and explore than ever before. São Miguel Island, is a beautiful green jewel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With stunning lush landscapes, exotic plants, dormant volcanoes, hot springs, and surrounded by clean waters, São Miguel is the perfect vacation destination for adventure seekers and those looking for an off-the-beaten-path European destination.

Check out our Azores Travel Guide for more information and tips.

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9.1 Based on 135 reviews
Jaime, Virginia
30 Nov 2023
Lovely and refreshing
Carrie, Pennsylvania
21 Nov 2022
Truly a magical experience.
Lara, New York
08 Oct 2022
It was beautiful and relaxing. Very good value. Wonderful food, wine, and hiking.
Jaime, Virginia
30 Nov 2023
Lovely and refreshing
Carrie, Pennsylvania
21 Nov 2022
Truly a magical experience.
Lara, New York
08 Oct 2022
It was beautiful and relaxing. Very good value. Wonderful food, wine, and hiking.
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