The Azores Islands

Series of Travel Articles about Corvo Island

Corvo Island

Corvo Island - Black Island - the smallest of the nine Azores islands and considered a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, known due to its dramatic volcanic landscapes, unique geological formations, and rich cultural heritage.
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Faial Island

Faial Island - Blue Island - renowned for its stunning blue hydrangea blooms that adorn the landscape. This vibrant island offers dramatic volcanic landscapes, picturesque marinas, and a rich maritime history.
Series of Travel Articles about Faial Island

Flores Island

Flores Island - Pink Island - due to its abundant azalea flower blooms, is a tranquil paradise known for its breathtaking nature reserves. Explore the lush landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and diverse flora creating an idyllic setting for nature enthusia
Series of Articles to learn all about Graciosa Island, Azores

Graciosa Island

Graciosa Island- White Island - due to unique characteristics such as Pedras Brancas (White Stones) and Serra Branca (White Hills), boasts the prestigious UNESCO recognition as a World Biosphere Reserve. With its remarkable landscape and abundant architec

Pico Island

Pico Island - Grey Island - is celebrated for its extraordinary landscape featuring a captivating mosaic of stone-walled vineyards called 'currais,' alongside its rugged lava fields. Dominating the scene is Portugal's tallest peak, Pico Mountain.
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Santa Maria Island

Santa Maria Island - Yellow Island - is the southernmost and easternmost gem in the Azores. With its warm, dry climate, it boasts yellow features throughout its landscape. Known as the 'Island of the Sun,' it's the Azores' sole home to a white sand beach.