Trail Running: Advanced Level Tour

Location: São Miguel
From $89.00 per person

Date and Participants

About the Experience

Get your adrenaline pumping on the Azores' most exciting nature trails with the expertise of a local guide to show you hidden gems off the beaten path! This trail run tour is for advanced runners with significant experience and top physical condition.

Trails at this level are very technical and have very sharp unevenness throughout.

Technical information:

- Distance: 25kms (15.5 mi) / 50kms (31 mi)
- Positive clearance: 1000m (3,280 ft) / 2500m (8,202 ft)
- Duration: up to 8 hours
- Includes transfer and snack


- Bring appropriate clothing and footwear
- Come with food/water for the duration of the trail run
- Bring clothes to change at the end of the trail