Trail Running: Beginner Level Tour

Location: São Miguel
From $44.54 per person

Date and Participants

About the Experience

Enjoy some of the most stunning and iconic landscapes of São Miguel while racing through the some of the island's exhilarating nature trails! Our guides have the experience and physical capacity to accompany groups of all levels.

Courses will be set according to the physical and technical capacities of the participants, accompanied by a guide.

Activity developed in the geographical area of Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Furnas, and Northeast.


Intended for those with little experience or with an initial physical condition.

Little technical rails and little-accentuated unevenness.

Technical information:

- Distance: 12kms (7.5 mi) / 18kms (5 mi)
- Positive slope: 150m (493 ft) / 400m (1,312 ft)
- Duration: up to 4 hours
- Includes transfer