Canyoning Activities: Experiences

Location: Flores
From $67.71 per person

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About the Experience

Experiences" is a product that offers the opportunity to experience a great way to interact with nature in its purest and most genuine state.

For those who have never experienced canyoning or experienced only a few times, this is the recommended activity for you as it is easier to perform.

Feel the adrenaline in harmony with nature and dare the product "Experiences".


Before the activity begins, you will receive manual training in a controlled environment to ensure that you become familiar with the equipment, techniques, and safety standards.


• WestCanyon Guides;

• All necessary personal equipment (including footwear);

• Safe;

• Snack;

• Photos;

Description of Activity:

Highest waterfall: 18 meters

Major rappel: 18 meters (easy to execute)

Number of rappels: up to seven (depending on the canyon);

Level of Interest: 4 (on a scale of 1 to 5)

Access: 10-minute walk;

Return from canyoning: 15 minutes on foot;

Approximate duration: from 2:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Canyoning is a sporting and leisure activity that consists of descending a sloping watercourse, attractive for walking on the river, accelerating, jumping, slides and descending to cross obstacles. However, there are several levels of difficulty, however, this mode is accessible to all concerned practitioners, taking into account their knowledge of the sport as well as levels of safety;
  • Transfers included are from the city of Santa Cruz. If it is necessary to withdraw customers and bring them back from the village of Fajã Grande or Lajes, the value of the transfer is 25.00 euros;
  • Bring the swimsuit and towel.

Activity provider policies

Changes to the reservation

  • The company has the right to modify or cancel your reservation, whenever there are adverse weather conditions.
  • The company has the right to modify or cancel your reservation, whenever the minimum number of participants is not met.
  • The company will have access to the contact information of the hotel where the client is accommodated, whenever this information is available (to facilitate the contact).
  • The company may contact the client up to 1 day before in order to communicate any eventual alterations.
  • In case it wasn't possible to contact the client, the alterations will be communicate when the client reaches the company's headquarters.