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LIS Lisbon
From SAN San Diego$414 From JFK New York$429 From MCO Orlando$431 From DTW Detroit$431
OPO Porto
From JFK New York$421 From DTW Detroit$509 From MCO Orlando$517 From BNA Nashville$522
FAO Algarve
From JFK New York$458 From BOS Boston$497 From EWR New Jersey - Newark$549 From MIA Miami$592
FNC Madeira
From JFK New York$479 From EWR New Jersey - Newark$570 From BOS Boston$578 From CHI Chicago$729
PDL São Miguel
From BOS Boston$487 From ORD Chicago$487 From CHI Chicago$490 From WAS Washington$490
LPA Gran Canaria
From JFK New York$547 From BNA Nashville$635 From MCO Orlando$635 From MIA Miami$638