Hiking Tours: Fanais Experience

Location: Flores
From $59.14 per person

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About the Experience

It is not very usual to start a trail in the centre of a village, but in this case it makes all sense, once just after we go through a path where we can imagine how inhabitants life was in Fajã Grande, Cuada and Fajãzinha. After realizing how whale watching was made, we follow along our path, crossing a farm that had a big production once and is nowadays recovering its strength. Upon arriving at Fajãzinha, after crossing a bridge, we can taste high quality cheese. After this we arrive to the climax of this journey: The waterfalls of Poço da Ribeirado Ferreiro. With an imposing landscape, the constant gushing water seems to have been placed there by someone with a remarkable imagination. We return through a path that will not allow us to see the ocean, which is not an easy thing to happen on an island. The end of the trail asks for a swim in the fresh water of Poço do Bacalhau, and you will feel ready for a new adventure. 

Beginning–Fajã Grande

End–Fajã Grande

Extension:7,5 km

Difficulty:2 (1-5)

Initial altitude–50m

Final altitude–0m (sea level)

Minimum equipment required:

Footwear suitable for hiking (boots), comfortable clothing, light jacket, extra t-shirt or sweater, food reinforcement, water, bathing suit, towel, backpack, sunscreen and hat.


Insurance; Transfer from Santa Cruz store or Fajã Grande (beginning and return)


Portuguese, English, French, Italian or German.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations only up to 7 days prior to activity.