Experience Pack: Cycling in São Miguel - 7 Days

Location: São Miguel
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About the Experience

Imagine yourself being surrounded by endemic flora, fauna and green pastures while cycling around the rim of a volcanic crater that has views over the ocean, crater lakes and the island. With this package you will have the opportunity to cycle over the rim of Sete Cidades Lake, discover magnificent waterfalls in Furnas or even cycle around in some of the most emblematic places of São Miguel Island. This is an exhilarating package and an unforgettable experience. 


DAY 1 - Arrival at Ponta Delgada airport and transfer to the hotel. Free day to explore Ponta Delgada and its surroundings.

DAY 2 - Pick up at the hotel at 8.30 and transfer to Ribeirinha. Drop of in the hotel around 15:30. Pic-nic lunch included.


Today we are visiting the north coast of the Island. We start in Ribeirinha parish and pedal through a coastal track till we reach one of the “vigias” where whales used to be sighted in the ocean when whale hunting was allowed in the Azores (until 1986). Now we use them for the Whale Watching activity, with the same methods as before, using powerful binoculars and contacting the boats with a radio informing the coordinates. Afterwards we stop in one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Azores - Miradouro de Santa Iria – and then take the road back heading Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande. We will pass on a very peculiar short coble stoned road sided by plane trees and a stream. Once we reach the Caldeiras valey we can feel the micro climate of this area and watch the Laurissilva vegetation (endemic). We visit the fumaroles and will have time for a snack. We finish the journey in Ribeira Grande city.

DAY 3 - Encounter at the hotel at 8.30 and transfer to Ribeirinha. Drop of in the hotel around 15:30. Pic-nic lunch included.


We start the trail in Ponta Delgada and pedal until we reach Pinhal da Paz Park where our adventure begins. We will cross to the north coast of the island and sight beautiful views over the ocean and coastline. Pedaling through Pinhal da Paz we will be able to watch diverse types of local vegetation like Japanese cedars, azaleas, bamboos, faya tree, acacias, pines, cactus, palm trees, ferns, camellias, laurels and some endemic vegetation. Following a coastal track we see an old whalers’ village and an amazing volcanic black sand beach where we make a short stop. Afterwards we head now to the South coast passing some deep green pastures bordered by lava stone walls that contrast with the blue ocean. Once we reach Lagoa village we go to the sea side and will be able to watch fishermen returning from the sea in their typical boats as well as the local natural swimming pools. Pic-nic lunch included.

DAY 4 - Pick up at the hotel at 8.30 and transfer to Sete Cidades. Drop of in the hotel around 17:00. Pic-nic lunch included.


Let’s explore the West side of São Miguel and the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades. During 25km, you will have the opportunity to learn about the fauna, flora, History, volcanic formation of the island, and of course, you will hear the legendary love story behind the formation of the lake. Along the route we’ll have superb views over the several lakes and the coastline as we pedal through the rim of the craters. Lunch is on the shore of the Blue Lake of Sete Cidades. At the end of the journey we will stop in Ferraria, where people can have a magnificent bath in a swimming pool by the sea heated by a volcanic crack beneath it.

DAY 5 - Free day.

We recommend a half day whale watching trip and a half day jeep safari to Fogo Lake. Optional - transfer to Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in Furnas village. This charming Art Déco hotel is located in a botanical garden in communion with nature and tranquility.

DAY 6 - Pick up at the hotel at 8.30 and transfer to Furnas or pick up at the hotel in Furnas. Drop of in the hotel around 5.00 pm in Ponta Delgada or at 3:00 in Furnas. Lunch included.


Today we are going to feel and experience the volcanic origins of the Island in Furnas, a magical place. The route begins in Furnas center and continues through a road that leads to Furnas Lake. We start visiting the Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas (Furnas Lake Calderas), a place where we cook the famous “cozido das Furnas” (a very special meal cooked only with the steam of the Earth) and continue pedaling passing a stream and circling the lakeside where we will have the opportunity to appreciate a variety of endemic flora species. Then we visit a viewpoint over Furnas town and continue till the town centre where we will be visiting its fumaroles, hot water springs with different tastes. Cozido meal is served in Terra Nostra Garden Hotel. Afterwards we visit the centenary Terra Nostra botanical garden known by its extraordinary collection of native plants for the Azores and others from all over the world that adapted to the local garden conditions. At the end of the visit people are invited to have a relaxing swim in the ironed hot thermal water swimming pool at the temperature of 35/40ºC, an exquisite experience!

DAY 7 - Pick up at the hotel at 8.30 and transfer to Povoação where the route starts. Drop of in the hotel around 17:30. Pic-nic lunch included.


This route starts in Povoação and ends at Nordeste. In the past, all of these trails were used to reach the woods, to fetch branches to provide cattle fodder, to produce charcoal, and they provided a connection with other parishes. We will pedal through pastures, roads flanked by plane trees (platanus hispanica), valleys and streams. Almost reaching Nordeste the trail enters in an amazing forestland – Tronqueira - very rich in endemic native species that resemble the forests that existed on the island before the discoverers arrived here. The trip finishes in Nordeste village that is known as the most bloom village in São Miguel. Pic-nic lunch included. By the end of the trip we will be passing through the tea plantation fields (camellia sinensis plant) and have the opportunity to visit the centenary Gorreana Tea Factory and taste the local tea. This tea plantation is the only existing in Europe and its organic tea is well known worldwide for the antioxidant properties.

DAY 8 - Transfer to the airport and departure.

EQUIPMENT - Futurismo provides bike and cycling helmet. Cycling helmets are a legal requirement in Portugal. If you feel more comfortable you can bring your own

CLOTHING - Guests should bring waterproof wind shell coat, proper clothes for cycling, warm sweater, swimming suit and towel, sunblock, backpack, water bottle (to refill).

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