5 Reasons to visit the Azores' smallest island

Corvo may be small, but it packs quite a visual punch 



Located on the Western Group of the Azores Islands, Corvo is the smallest and most remote island of the archipelago. Though small, Corvo Island suspects the curiosity of the most seasoned travellers from diverse reasons: beauty, mystery and isolation. Every visitor is welcomed into a big family, because that’s how life in Corvo is like. This Azorean island has only 184 square foot, but it is home to some of the most impressive natural scenarios of the Azores. 


We highly advise you to visit Flores and Corvo Island, and to take a daily boat trip towards the Azores most remote and smaller island. While we let the magic of this island speak for itself, we highlight 5 simple reasons to put Corvo in your Azores bucket list.



View from the boat to Corvo Island in the Azores, Portugal
One of Europe's most isolated communities 

1. Corvo Island in the Azores is Europe’s most remote island

Corvo is the most remote island in both Europe and the Azores and the neighboring island is Flores. An interesting curiosity: Corvo, in fact, works as a shield for the remaining Azores Islands. The storms of the Atlantic first have an encounter with Corvo before heading to any of the other Azores’ islands and Corvo, small and isolated, faces it first. 



Corvo Island in the Azores has less than 500 inhabitants.
The little village of Vila Nova do Corvo

2. Corvo Island only has 430 inhabitants

Most villages have more inhabitants than Corvo Island. Can you imagine life on an island with 430 inhabitants (2011 data)? Living in Corvo is like living amongst one big family, but there’s also a sense of community one lost in the big modern world. 



Caldeirao in Corvo Island, Azores, Portugal is one of the Azores most iconic landscapes.
A beautiful sight

3. Corvo is home to one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Azores 

The Caldeirão is Corvo’s most famous landscape and considered one of the most beautiful of the Azores archipelago. It was the result of the island single volcano of origin and on the tall surrounding mountains lies a lake with several plots of land that people say they resemble every of the 9 Azores Islands. This part of the island is great for hiking -- the higher side of the island is only accessible by foot, but don’t worry because the island only paved roads lead straight to Caldeirão. Click here to find out boat trip options from Flores to Corvo Island in the Azores.



Boat trip from Flores Island to Corvo Island in the Azores, Portugal.
There are a couple of surprises along the way

4. The boat trip from Flores to Corvo Island is beautiful

The boat trip from Flores to Corvo is a surprise for itself! Aside from the fact you’ll probably sightsee some friendly dolphins on the way, Flores amazing coastline will definitely surprise you. Waterfalls crashing down the sea, hidden caves and great views to Corvo Island are assured! 



Corvo Island in the Azores is best known for its worlwide quality birdwatching.
A great new for birdwatching enthusiasts 

5. It is one of the best spots in Europe for birdwatching

Even though Corvo is the Azorean island with the least number of resident species, it is very likely to spot others such as Cory’s Shearwater, Little Shearwater, Manx Shearwater, Common Tern and Roseate Tern. Nevertheless, due to its privelled location, it is the island of American vagrants. It is a favorite amongst Western Palearctic birders due to the high possibility of spotting Neartic vagrants, nearly impossible to find elsewhere in Europe. 

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