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Discover the triangle islands: Faial, Pico & São Jorge.

Discover the "triangle" of the Azores and take this chance to stop in São Miguel as well! 

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  • You might have heard about the Triangle of the Azores, but most likely didn’t know what it was. It’s the nickname for the trio of Faial, São Jorge, and Pico Islands, all of which are quite close to one another. Due to their geographical proximity, there are people that go to work in any of the other islands and come back in the same evening by boat! So, if you’re visiting any of the islands above, you can always plan a day trip to any of the other islands! Our suggestion is that you take some time to explore every one of the nine islands. 
  • Start your trip by exploring the island of Faial where you can admire the power of the Earth at the Capelinhos volcano, have a refreshing gin and tonic at Horta's famous yachtsmen's bar and gaze at its colorful marina.
  • Then travel by ferry to the amazing Pico Island where you can taste great wine and/or hike the imposing Pico Mountain (Portugal's highest mountain).
  • End your discovery of the triangle by traveling from Pico to São Jorge by ferry boat where you can taste the famous Azorean cheese.
  • You'll also stop in São Miguel Island for a couple of days so you can discover the biggest island the archipelago has to offer.
  • We have made a selection of accommodations in the top recommended locations for those visiting the islands for the first time.

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About the Destination: 

Faial Island

Faial Island is the site of the most recent volcanic eruption in the Azores, which took place along the coast of Capelinhos Village in 1957 and left behind one of the most emblematic landscapes in the whole world!

Most famous as a port, Faial historically has been (and remains to this day) a popular stopping point for sailors crossing the Atlantic. The island’s main city, Horta, has a modern, cosmopolitan feel, with travelers from all over the globe gathering at the restaurants and bars along the harbor to swap stories and take in stunning views of Pico Island across the bay.

If jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes, UNESCO Heritage hot spots, and natural wonders appeal to you, make sure you include a visit to Faial Island in your Azores trip! Other sights that are must-sees in Faial Island include the iconic and beautiful Caldeira, Praia do Norte, and Almoxarife. S

Pico Island

Nine amazing Azores Islands emerge from the deep blue of the Atlantic, but Pico Island stands taller than the rest. Pico Island is known as the “Island of the Mountain” in the Azores, home to a mystic beauty that attracts visitors not only coming from Boston to Azores or Toronto to Azores, but from across the entire globe!

Pico is home to Pico Mountain, Portugal’s highest peak, which measures over 7,000 ft tall! At such a towering height, it will come as no surprise that hiking Pico is one of Europe’s most popular hiking trails. 

Characterized by black volcanic soil, Pico Island is covered with basalt (lava rock)-lined vineyards that are official UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Locals have been producing wine here since the 15th century, and they even have a museum dedicated to the pastime’s rich history. Pico Island also boasts one of the world’s longest lava tubes, as well as dozens of natural swimming pools and other amazing sights, including Lagoa do Capitão, Lajido da Criação Velha, whaling museums and much more!

São Jorge Island

São Jorge may be a small Azores Island, but its shape is one of the most iconic of all the islands: São Jorge Island has 53 km of length and 8 km of width and is home to over 9,000 inhabitants (2011 data). São Jorge’s scenery is dramatically beautiful, filled with mountains that tumble into deep ravines, as well as rocky cliffs, crater lakes, and unique fajãs (plains formed by lava flow). Favorites of both visitors and locals alike are the Fajã dos Cubres, which is accessible by car, and the Fajã do Santo Cristo, which is only reachable by foot or moto.

This Azores Island is a particular favorite among those who love the outdoors and adventure enthusiasts, as you can do everything here, from mountain biking to canyoning, hiking, canoeing and even spelunking. Of course, no visit to São Jorge is complete without a stop at the island’s cheese factory, where they produce the famed Queijo São Jorge, a robust, aged cheese characterized by its spicy, tangy flavor.

Other points of interest include: Europe’s only artisanal coffee plantation in Fajã dos Vimes, Café Nunes, and the city of Velas, with its traditional architecture and amazing natural swimming pools. Also, make sure you try the local clams caught in the fajãs, as São Jorge is the only island in all the Azores where you’ll find this delicious seafood delicacy.

Check out our Azores Travel Guide  for more information and tips. 


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