The Azores | Santa Maria Basic Bundle

Enjoy a sunny retreat with flights and hotel to the Algarve of the Azores.

Enjoy a trip to the Algarve from the Azores and be dazzled by its white sand beaches! 

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Why we love this deal:

  • This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the sunniest island in the Azores;
  • Santa Maria Island is the closest island to São Miguel, and it is also considered to be the ‘’Mother Island’’ of the Azores because it is the oldest of the nine islands! As the saying goes: “Great things come with age,” and this is definitely the case when it comes to Santa Maria! The island is quite different from any other island in the Azores. Around 5,000 inhabitants call this Azores island home, and they’re proud to live in the only Azores Island with white sand beaches. Imagine that! The Azores actually have a secret Caribbean look-alike island in Santa Maria;
  • This travel package takes the stress out of having to plan everything yourself, because we have taken care of everything for you;
  • We have made a selection of accommodations in recommended locations for those visiting the island for the first time;
  • Breakfast is included during your stay, depending on the selected accommodation;
  • If what you are looking for is a haven of white sandy beaches and turquoise, crystalline waters at the exact right temperature, Santa Maria is the perfect Azores Island for you; 
  • You can customize your travel itinerary as you wish, adding more nights to your stay, more experiences, or a car rental to make your trip even more special.

About the Destination: 

Santa Maria Island is a bit flatter than the other Azores Islands, giving it that ultimate beach vibe, complete with white sands and warm crystal waters that you can swim in year-round. Also, from a historical standpoint, Santa Maria’s seas have witnessed it all! Even Christopher Colombo stopped by on his triumphant return trip after discovering America. Also worthy of note, Santa Maria, Azores, is one of the best spots in Europe for diving due to its perfect location at the doorstep of the Dollarat bank and of the natural reserve of Formigas! Actually, diving with jamantas is one of the most famous tourist activities in this particular Azores island. 

Another interesting fact about this Azores island is that every village has a specific “signature” color, meaning that the houses of every particular village are all the exact same color. This makes for charming and stunning photo ops while visiting. Also during your exploration of Santa Maria Island, you’ll want to be sure to snap some photos of the old world architecture of the houses as well. Pay particular attention to the traditional chimneys, which are Instagram worthy indeed. But honestly, as you discover all of the countless unique sights in the whole Azores archipelago, you’ll want to keep your camera handy! Other famous sights in Santa Maria specifically are the Gonçalo Velho lighthouse, the Aveiro waterfall. and the Poço da Pedreira. 

If you adore white sand beaches and crystal clear, warm waters, you’ll find that and more in Santa Maria--your ultimate quaint beach retreat. If you’re a fan of diving? You’ll absolutely get that opportunity in Santa Maria. The island, aside from housing the only white sand beaches in the Azores, is also home to the ‘’red desert of the Azores’’, the Barreiro da Faneca, which will make you feel as if you have wandered onto Mars while walking on its eerie and wondrous red terrain. Simply put: If you’re looking for something extra otherworldly and unique, Santa Maria is the island for you to check out! 

Check out our Azores Travel Guide for more information and tips.

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