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Discover Graciosa Island with this package that includes flights and hotels!

A quiet vacation on the enchanting Graciosa Island!

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Why we love this deal:

  • This is the perfect opportunity to get to know one of the most mysterious islands in the Azores;
  • Graciosa (gracious in English) truly takes after its name. Considered the white island, due to its landscape and place names ( White Hills and White Stones), Graciosa offers beautiful sights of well-preserved vineyards and quaint windmills of Flemish influenced red cupolas. The island is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Biosphere Reserve and has quite interesting sights and places of interest;
  • This travel package takes the stress out of having to plan everything yourself, because we have taken care of everything for you;
  • We have made a selection of accommodations in recommended locations for those visiting the island for the first time;
  • Breakfast is included during your stay, depending on the accommodation selected;
  • Parking is included;
  • You can customize your travel itinerary as you wish, adding more nights' stay, experiences or car rental, to make your trip even more special;
  • You won't have to worry about a thing, because we have taken care of everything for you.

About the Destination:

This small island is serene enough to live up to its name, which translates as “Enchanting”. Graciosa Island is home to over 4,000 inhabitants, all of whom are proud to live in such a peaceful and idyllic retreat. The famous and delicate queijadas da Graciosa, one of the Azores’ most beloved and preferred sweets, are originally from here. This Azores island also has two spectacular ancient lava tubes to explore: Furna da Maria Encantada and the major landmark of Furna do Enxofre. 

Graceful white rocks line the island’s captivating coastline, and red-turreted windmills dot the lush landscape. Graciosa’s windmills are of Flemish origin, and many of them have been adapted into modern accommodations for those who are looking for an authentic and unique stay while vacationing in the Azores. You’ll soon learn just how emblematic these windmills are to this Azores island,  and as you stroll around its streets, they will quickly steal your attention. Graciosa is also home to the famed Azorean dwarf donkeys — a species that is rare and actually on the verge of extinction. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure, and a definitely unique story, you can even book a donkey ride for whenever you aren’t busy strolling among the island’s scenic, tree-lined roads. 

But… that’s not all. The previously mentioned São Miguel Island isn't the only island in the Azores with amazing thermal baths. Graciosa Island is home to a small therapeutic thermal spa known as the Termas do Carapacho. Located in the tiny village of Luz, the inviting thermal waters of Carapacho are packed with beneficial mineral properties and reach a temperature of around 40°C (104°F), making for an ideal environment for a perfect relaxing and therapeutic bath.


Graciosa is one of the most underrated and least visited islands of the Azores, making it the perfect place if you’re seeking to explore a destination that doesn’t feel so crowded and touristy. You’ll still get to appreciate the beauty of the Azores' nature, have the chance to walk inside an ancient lava cave, and so much more, will adventure awaiting you around every corner, yet no big throngs of tourists!

Check out our Azores Travel Guide for more informations and tips.

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