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Why Visit The Azores
Learn more about this destination's top attractions
The Unspoiled Nature of the Azores, Portugal
The Azores are home to 4 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and endless stretches of breathtaking natural beauty.
Whale Watching in the Azores Islands
Considered a World Class Whale Watching Area, in the Azores you can find more than 20 species of whales and dolphins throughout the year!
The Azores' Hiking: Venture through the Azores Nature
Hit the trails and discover the hidden gems of the Azores on foot! The islands have an excellent network of nature trails that allow you to explore the most beautiful spots that can’t be reached by car.
The Delicious Food of the Azores, Portugal: What to Eat
What can you expect from the traditional cuisine of the Azores? Fresh, locally sourced ingredients and simple, authentic flavors without a lot of fuss, cooked with love and served with pride (and wine!)
Hot Springs in the Azores: Furnas and Beyond
The volcanic origins of the Azores lend these islands their geothermal perks! You can find warm water to relax in year-round in one of the many natural thermal pools and hot springs.
The Unique Culture & Heritage of the Azores, Portugal
These small Portuguese islands have a distinct history and culture all their own, with unique traditions that have withstood the test of time. The Azores are perfectly preserved and ready to be discovered.
Azores Travel Guide

This Azores Travel Guide by Azores Getaways has everything you need to know about the Azores: the answers to your Azores’ questions and the best Azores travel tips you’ll find -- given by those who know the islands better than anyone, the locals. 

Whether you need a relaxing retreat or simply some Azores travel inspo --- Azores Getaways can help you plan your very own authentic escape to the enchanting Azores Islands in Portugal.

Azores Travel Tips
Pro Tips: What to Know Before Going to the Azores
Azores Travel with Covid-19 Rules
Azores Inter-Island Ferries
What is the best Azores Island?
The Azores Weather: told by a local
Airlines that fly to the Azores
Azores Inter-Island Flights
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