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FNC Madeira
From FAO Algarve€189 From LIS Lisbon€105 From PDL São Miguel€97 From OPO Porto€64
PDL São Miguel
From FAO Algarve€164 From FNC Madeira€97 From OPO Porto€77 From TER Terceira€66
LPA Gran Canaria
From LIS Lisbon€156 From OPO Porto€132 From FNC Madeira€155
LIS Lisbon
From FNC Madeira€66 From PDL São Miguel€81 From TER Terceira€75
OPO Porto
From FNC Madeira€64 From PDL São Miguel€77 From TER Terceira€92 From LIS Lisbon€94
FAO Algarve
From FNC Madeira€189 From PDL São Miguel€164 From LIS Lisbon€157 From OPO Porto€179